The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 2 Review – ‘The Separation Oscillation’

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Steve Molaro said that issues with Penny, Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment will be addressed in the first four seasons of “The Big Bang Theory”. Leonard’s lips had a dalliance with another woman, so Penny needs to do the same. Unfortunately for Sheldon, his little mind games don’t work on Amy – she’s too upset with him for talking about their breakup during his latest episode of “Fun with Flags”.


Sheldon is a bit of a try-hard, and he has been doing his best to win Amy back.

Leonard and Penny eventually reconcile and both of them acknowledge that their insecurities have been the cause of the problem.

In the end, though, all it took was a serious conversation between Leonard and Penny for each to admit they were afraid of losing the other and… presto!

Leonard’s not the one one reeling in relationship drama. Could you have imagined Sheldon going to such lengths a couple of seasons ago?

It might not have seemed like now was the ideal time for Sheldon to resurrect “Fun With Flags“, but that wound up being one of the stronger elements of the episode.

“We love her to pieces and we give her as much joy and laughs as we give everybody who sees the stuff that we do but she gets to experience it off camera”, the mother of two said with a smile. Penny can’t sleep so she wanders across the hall to find that Leonard and Sheldon are up as well.

On Monday’s Big Bang Theory, Penny and Leonard are still having marriage issues. She apologized for saying she was OK with Leonard kissing another woman when she wasn’t.

On the part of Leonard, he was in a quagmire on how to deal with it, even soliciting the help of his friend Sheldon to help him figure out on how to go and save his marriage. The running gag about the cost of marriage counselling and the brief sequence in the staff canteen in which Leonard is teased by Howard and Raj before spilling his heart out to Mandy in humiliating fashion were the show at its best – loose, amusing and oddly relatable.

The storyline at least allowed Penny and Leonard to question whether all their problems are down to their worry of each other leaving for a more suitable partner (which makes a hell of a lot of sense).

“She watched it, I’m gonna get that girl back”, he says.

I’m really glad that the Leonard and Penny story resolved. Penny really feels bad about Sheldon’s and agrees to share the apartment with him, while Sheldon gets is super excited and he pens down a new modified roommate agreement.


The Big Bang Theory” season 9 episode 2 airs tonight, September 28, on CBS. Don’t get me wrong, because I like them as a couple, but so far Season 9’s funniest moments have been caused by their split. Sheldon walked over and planted a big long-lasting kiss on Penny. “And thankfully, all the things my girlfriend used to do can be taken care of with my right hand”.

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