The Big victor of the GOP Debate? Ben Carson

That came in a survey conducted after several days of criticism by Trump of debate moderator Megyn Kelly, a Fox News host, that saw intense backlash and condemnation from GOP rivals. He dominated the first presidential debate in Cleveland last week. And Rubio, the senator from Florida, is now at 4 percent – in ninth place, and down from 5 percent.


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker reaffirmed his view that abortion should be illegal with no exceptions, not even to save a mother’s life.

In the new Fox News poll, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tied with Walker for fifth at 6%.

Polls have consistently found that no more than one-quarter of Americans think abortion should be illegal without any exceptions.

After all, he’s leading in the polls in Iowa, New Hampshire and nationally. Three of those four people are never, ever going to be president. Marco Rubio.

There’s widespread acceptance in all Iowa camps that Trump is shrewdly tapping into pervasive anger and fear, winning support from constituencies such as evangelicals that wouldn’t naturally be drawn to him. And in presidential races, plenty of candidates who were unlikely occupants of the White House have won single primaries – sometimes more than one.

The GOP race is being led by a buffoon who, despite his appeal to a certain kind of voter, is widely loathed by the public as a whole, barely pretends to understand the first thing about public policy, and still believes that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Yet they’re voters that a conservative Republican could tap into to defeat her in the general election. “If you’re off talking about another topic, unless it’s really pressing, you’re not focusing where you need to”. The fourth-place candidate, Sen.

A trio of Republican establishment favorites – Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio – are all losing ground in the party’s 2016 presidential field, a new Fox News poll shows.

Clinton, meanwhile, has been able to focus her campaign on economic proposals, including financial reform and college loans.

Outsiders may not win the caucuses, Albrecht said, but they often drive the agenda and push their party’s eventual nominees to take stands on the issues. As NBC’s Chuck Todd has noted, so far this campaign has mostly been an unpopularity contest – on both sides.


What’s best for Trump Campaign business is the continued attention the candidate receives – whether good or bad. For now, though, the GOP still has a woman problem.

Culinary Workers Union Local 226 members protest a July appearance by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at Red Rock Harley Davidson in Las Vegas. Walker is routinely met by protesters at his campaign stops across the country