The Faithful Prepare for Pope Francis

Pope John Paul II said, “It is to be hoped that common educations programs in our historical and religious relations”.


Literally. He wasn’t even a priest then.

Like Pope Francis, Pope John Paul II was seen by many as a friendly, warm-heated man. And everyone was having a good time. You can feel the presence of grace. Go and follow Jesus.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he notes that, “It’s always something very inspiring to meet the pope”.

Since then every USA president has met with the pope, but it wasn’t until 1979 that a pontiff visited the White House.

This is going to be a busy week for Pope Francis.

When someone called her office to invite her to see the pope Thursday morning, Sister Margaret Smyth from the North Fork Spanish Apostolate in Riverhead was nearly convinced it was a scam.

Speaking under the hateful gaze of Che Guevara in Havana’s Plaza of the Revolution – a shrine to ruthless communism – Pope Francis scolded us to “serve people, not ideas”. He said that he wished to be “the messenger of peace and brotherhood, and a witness to the true greatness of every person”. My station didn’t get hit but police said it was likely thieves stealing the stuff for the porn industry. “I’m prepared to accept as a matter of faith, my wife and I, my family, [the Church’s teaching on] the issue of abortion”. Who cares what’s on my calendar!

A junior at Charlotte Catholic High School, Kuhn attends St. Matthew Catholic Church and will be among 42 Charlotte students traveling to Philadelphia to see Pope Francis this weekend. Call them insane if you want but please don’t call them judgmental because most aren’t. On a papal visit to the 1987, Reagan was there to greet the pontiff as his plane landed in Miami, extolling John Paul’s life and work.

“Personally, I think if you think of the quality of life that has been delivered to millions of people around the world and freedoms that we find for people around the world, most of it has happened because of innovation due to capitalism, and because the United States of America exists”, Rounds said.

Wading River native Eric Lopez has been on one of America’s most popular television shows.

Mr. Lopez, who auditioned on American Idol last season, is a member of Broadway Inspirational Voices, one of the groups chosen to sing at the event.

“When the Pope chooses to act and talk like a leftist politician, then he can be expected to be treated like one”, wrote Mr Gosar. I believe he is changing the papacy and changing our world for the better.

No president finds a pope who agrees with him on everything.

Mr. Lopez received a yes vote to “Hollywood Week” from Mr. Connick Jr. and said he’s ready for Connick hear him sing opera. Has he ever spoken about social or economic realities without his point of reference – how the poor are faring?


What he would say to the pope: “I would ask the Holy Father to consider seriously the (sainthood) cause of Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy… a woman who championed the rights of the poor and oppressed”. “But I never really tried to aim for it because that’s a weird, like, how am I supposed to do that?” As the hundreds of journalist stood on a hill across the street from the church (they dubbed it the “Pope Slope”) to get photos of the pontiff coming and going, someone was breaking windows on all the news vehicles parked a half mile away and stealing cameras, tripods and lights left behind.

Wolfgang Stuck  Wikimedia Commons