‘The Flash’ Season 2 Trailer, Release Date & Spoilers: Check out Jay Garrick

The Flash” season 2 is eminent and CW recently unveiled a synopsis for episode 2 of the new season, titled “Flash of Two Worlds”. Check out the Season 2 teasers below for a clue, and keep it here for the latest!


Sears posted the pic on his Instagram account, where he’s all suited up as the Crimson Comet and ready for a few cool speedster action.

It all starts with Garrick, who will establish in the CW’s comic-book world that multiple universes exist, with multiple Flashes and multiple problems that could possibly make Barry’s Season 1 battle with the Reverse Flash seem like a relative cake-walk. The photo gives a clearer look at the Speedster costume.

DC Comics even has a brand new The Flash season 2 poster, which you can see above, that shows Barry sparking with lightning and from the looks of it, he’s being absorbed, possibly into the black hole that was created at the end of season 1.

His shoes, on the other hand, is a but cut higher contrary to the comic book booties and lends a sort of Greek god feel to it as a few shots reveal what looks like little Mercury wings.

The CW has released a new poster for The Flash Season 2.

“Barry (Grant Gustin) is still struggling to forgive himself for Eddie’s death”.


Since he believes that he brings destruction to the people close to him, Barry tries to push all his loved ones away and decides to save Central City on his own. When a meta-human named Atom Smasher (guest star Adam Copeland) attacks the city, Iris (Candice Patton) tells Barry that he needs to let his friends help him protect the citizens of Central City. Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) must deal with a determined officer named Patty Spivot who wants to join his meta-human task force.

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