The history of appearance and development of the roulette game in the casinos

Everybody knows that gamblers often associate the roulette game with devil due to the prejudice of the number 666. The sum of all numbers on the roulette wheel is exactly 666. May be this is cause that a roulette game is known as the most mysterious game in best casinos.


European Roulette

The word “roulette” has French provenance. It means “small wheel”. Almost all historians think that the homeland of the modern roulette game is France. Approximately in 1655 year, the famous mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal worked on the project of the perpetual motion machine. In other words, European roulette game is a side product of the mathematician who tried to make a perpetual motion machine. They say that the first roulette gamblers were French monks in the 17th century. Only after it this game appeared in the Parisian gambling houses.

Roulette game was played not only in France on that period. There were also such variations of game in Italy (known as Nosa) and in England (known as E-O). It is difficult to say had Italian and English variations of the game affected to the European casino roulette or not because the roulette game was very popular in France by then. It was popular all over the Europe by the end of 18th century. But European roulette forced out the E-O in England by the end of 19th century due to it’s reasonableness and additional options.

American Roulette

America is obliged to France for great number of casino gambling games and for roulette game too. French immigrants brought roulette game to the States in the end of the 18th century. New Orleans was the capital of the gambling in the USA at that time. The first appearance of the roulette was there. So, the roulette game had got popularity and spread to all states. It is necessary to say that American roulette differs from the European. It has slightly another rules and design.


There are 38 sectors in American roulette: numbers 1-36, zero (0) and double zero (00). Casinos increase it’s advantage for the win by using of two zero sectors. All bets are appropriated by gambling house when it falls to the zero or double zero. Earlier, the American eagle was drawn on the roulette wheel instead of the double zero. That’s why double zero is called an American eagle sometimes. There is no American eagle on the roulette wheel now. But there is a double zero and the additional advantage of the casinos and the gamblers don’t like it very much.