The Latest on Ferguson: Nearly 2 dozen arrests at protest

As further unrest marked the anniversary of the shooting death of Michael Brown, some in the crowd, not far from the spot where he was shot, felt the awareness stemming from that incident has empowered them.


Despite the calm, authorities fear any any interference from outside, whether from out-of-town protesters, or groups coming in and claiming to be keeping the peace, could set off new conflict. “Participants are now unlawfully assembled”.

The death triggered a wave of protests over alleged racism and the use of excessive force by US police officers.

However, others seethed as word spread that police had arrested a 12-year-old girl. In the aftermath of the shooting, including the non-indictment of Officer Wilson, the Justice Department has called for a complete overhaul of the Ferguson Police Department after an investigation found that widespread constitutional violations and racist police tactics were commonplace in the city.

And so it went, a cat-and-mouse game between protesters and police.

“They’re not going to take the street tonight”.

Two particular “orders” on the list seem to have particular resonance in Ferguson.

Some protesters questioned why the approximately five men were permitted to openly carry weapons.

Meanwhile, the unrest in Ferguson reportedly forced Fox TV to cancel its “Empire” bus tour that was scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday in St. Louis. No smoke or tear gas was used, and no police or civilians reported injuries, he said.

According to police, a gunfight erupted between two rival groups in West Florissant Avenue and a suspect, whom they identified as Tyrone Harris, then shot at plain-clothes police who returned fire.

Before she was arrested, Elzie posted this tweet, a reference to Sandra Bland, the Illinois native who was arrested by a Texas trooper and died three days later in a jail cell.

A member of the Oath Keepers in Ferguson.

Monday’s acts of civil disobedience came after a night of violence that left Ferguson on edge.

There were no reports of shootings, shots fired, burglaries, looting or property damages within Ferguson Monday night. On Monday the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office charged Tyrone Harris, an 18-year-old from St. Louis, on 10 counts related to the alleged shootout. Brian Schellman said.

The suspect again fired on the officers when he became trapped in a fenced-in area, the chief said, and all four officers fired back. He is being held on a $250,000 bond.

His aunt, Karen Harris, said the teen attended the protests because he was friends with Brown.

Harris was shot late Sunday after allegedly opening fire on an unmarked police van.

He was “running for his life” just like everyone else, she said, when gunshots rang out.

What happened in Ferguson in 2014?

Earlier Sunday, the situation was peaceful as marchers began at the site where Michael Brown was shot on August 9, 2014.


“I think they took command out of the hands of the new chief of Ferguson pretty fast”, Charles Mayo, leader of a moderate protest group that has sought to improve relations between protesters and police, said Tuesday. “I don’t see no riot here”, the protesters chanted.

Officers from the St Louis County Police Department process demonstrators from the'Black Lives Matter movement who had been arrested for protesting on Interstate 70 in Earth City Missouri