The Many Faces Of Robert De Niro

“The reason the story is being told about her in that moment is that she is under unbelievable stress and she has everything she needs to navigate except space and a compassionate ear”.


Hollywood legend Robert De Niro walked out of a magazine interview after becoming irritated by questions about his acting techniques.

Just hearing that phrase, it’s not hard to imagine how The Intern will play out.

“I didn’t have to write a dinner date!”

Hathaway said she and her cousin bought a mechanical reindeer from a Target store at the same time Carey’s album, “Charm Bracelet”, was released. “He is such a terrific guy and, it goes without saying, was wonderful as Ben”. In real life, Hathaway’s “if-I-wasn’t-an-actress” career is less fashion, more physics.

This is the first movie Nancy Meyers has worked with composer Theodore Shapiro, who did the music for “The Intern”.

Originally mooted as a vehicle for Tiny Fey and Michael Caine, writer-director Nancy Meyers’ (It’s Complicated, The Holiday) sweet and charming comedy’s success is down to the chemistry of its two leads – Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada) and De Niro (Meet the Parents).

On the other, some muddled ideas about gender roles lie just under the surface, starting with the premise that Jules couldn’t prevail without this wise older man in her corner. Hathaway brings a ton of charm to Jules; she’s definitely not a flawless character, but the performance was so engaging.

The oscar-award winning actor was promoting his new film with Anne Hathaway The Intern during the awkward interview [Wenn].

MC: In the film, Jules is a working mother who feels a bit of a stigma about being one-her husband is a stay-at-home dad, and she has to navigate the politics of the moms at school.

De Niro gives few interviews and can be monosyllabic when he does consent to an interrogation.

De Niro turns up his “old gentleman” charm, whether he’s extolling the virtues of the handkerchief or cracking jokes about his impending death. It’s amusing and while Ben goes through a fish out of water experience, the people around him embrace what he has to teach, especially Jules.


“The world has changed, and I’ve been making movies for a long-enough period that I can examine the lives of these women who have families and have children (and run companies)”, she says.

De Niro walked out of an interview after appearing'depressed and'glum according to the interviewer