The Perfect Food Selection For Tea Parties

People love coming together and talking about their daily experiences in life. Parties, even the small ones, are looked forward to because it is indeed the perfect opportunity to socialize and establish contacts with future golf buddies, business colleagues and even a potential spouse. During normal days when you cannot celebrate as much as you like, there are the occasional tea parties that still initiate conversation among a good number of people. It might not be as big but it would still do as an alternative get-together.


Tea parties originate in Great Britain, where members of the working class come together for an early supper. As time goes by, tea parties become an elegant late afternoon affair and require the finest teapots and linens from the organizer. Organizing a tea party is easy because it requires no effort other than inviting and preparing the food, which includes pastry snacks such as mixed nuts and scones. Most tea parties are arranged in a buffet style so you would have enough time to just sit back, relax and chat the whole afternoon. Here are some snack ideas to go with your tea.


Tea Sandwiches

Most tea parties feature mini sandwiches that work great as tasty finger food. Apart from the easy preparation, the sandwiches could deliver satisfaction to half-hungry guests. Of course, you do not want them to be so full that they will skip dinner, right? Some examples of tea sandwiches are Deluxe Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Smoked Salmon Sandwich on Pumpernickel, Apple-Boursin Open Face Fingers and more. Sandwiches are also great partners for tea.


Pastries are a welcomed category for tea parties. Their sweetness balances the tea, making them a good combination for late afternoon snacks. The sugar rush will also help people to be more alive and participative in conversations. Some of the best-served cookies during tea are almond macaroons, Chocolate Mint Squares, Brown Butter Madeleine’s and more.


Among the popular food during tea parties are scones. Scones are considered to be quick bread or a single-serving cake that is not a pastry. The scones can take various shapes such as triangles, circles or squares. If partnered with black afternoon tea, their slightly sweetened flavor and glazed texture hits the spot. Some of the best scone varieties are Lemon Buttermilk Scones with Currants, Pumpkin Spice Drop Scones, Frosted Cream Cheese Walnut Scones, Apple Biscuit Scones, Holiday Butterscotch-Ginger Tea Scones and Orange Cranberry Scones.


Apart from bread and pastries, fruits are also present during tea parties. These healthy alternatives provide a different flavor to the tea and other food on the table. Picking the right fruit to go with the tea is also crucial in organizing the tea party. To be safe, the following fruits are your best bet: Fresh Fruit Salad, Honeydew Melon in Anisette, Cherries in Pinot Noir Wine, Grapefruit Ambrosia and more.


Before organizing the tea party, look for the recipes online or in cookbooks and try to create them one at a time. You must know how long they will take to bake or cook to avoid delays in the future. The food should be tasty and easy to eat in order to let the conversation flow all throughout the party.