The Pope’s Speech To Congress Will Be Broadcast On The Mall: DCist

(TRNS)- Following the invitation subsequent acceptance by Pope Francis to visit the US Capitol earlier this year, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) is describing the joint address to Congress on September 24 as “historic”.


When Pope Francis ventures to Washington, September, he will speak to the public at the Capitol. The pope’s visit will mark the first time the head of the Catholic Church addresses a joint meeting of Congress.

Information about tickets and media credentials for the main event inside the House chamber will be announced later. Calling his visit a “historic moment for the country”, the speaker said that His Holiness has also “expressed an interest in making a brief appearance” on the West Front that day. “We look forward to warmly welcoming Pope Francis to our Capitol and hearing his address on behalf of the American people“.

The outspoken pope is expected to challenge Democrats and Republicans on abortion, immigration and climate change, the issue of his recent encyclical.

The pope is scheduled to visit New York and Philadelphia as well as Washington.


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