The Strain “Fallen Light” Season 2 Episode 12

Eph is charmed by her fiery attitude and immediately offers her a job on the CDC Canary team.


We also saw Jim return (Sean Astin), which was a nice moment, although he knew from the moment that Eph hired Nora that a part of him did it because she was an attractive distraction from his failing marriage.

It seems whenever Eph’s relationships begin to hit the rocks, he looks for alternatives on his way out. In the present, Eph tells Nora that he is sorry for cheating on her in D.C. and that he loves her, but she shrugs him off, heartbroken. Their plan is break out the men, who have been kept free from the disease by their jail cells, and recruit them to work for Quinlan. Just as one of the gang members betrays Gus, Silver Angel pulls the trigger and kills the traitor. The gunshot wakes up the strigoi and what was supposed to be a quiet exit, quickly turns into a fire fight blood bath. Just when they thought they had him by the short hairs, Eichorst reminded them that they are the ones who still have the hair in this scenario. Angel blasts him with a shotgun and then wonders if anyone else wants to be the boss?

No, Dutch, you don’t deserve Fet. She wonders why he would risk everything to save her after she broke his heart. A tearful Dutch tells Fet that she wants to make something happen with Nikki and that she’s very sorry. She’s pissed that she didn’t hear from Dutch for two days, and before Dutch has a chance to say “I was kidnapped and almost stinger-raped”, Nikki is outta there. Nora’s been an aimless character since losing her mother last season, understanding she can’t fill the role of proxy mother to Zach, or as Eph’s partner – in all honesty, I had basically forgotten they were a couple at all by this point.

Next, Feraldo finally meets Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde), who wants her to control the city, now that the mayor has died.

The mayor and Justine get into a big fight, which leads to the former being thrown out of her office.

Justine discovers that the Mayor has been murdered. “You don’t make it easy”, she tells him. Based on Guillermo Del Toro’s bestselling novels, published by Dark Horse Comics, in Episode 12, are Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll) and Nora Martinez (Mia Maestro) trapped in their own Fallen Light?

In the present day, Nora receives a good news call – Zack’s grandparents are alive. They are always bickering and it’s always fun to see.

After some pleading from Nora and Zack, Eph reluctantly agrees to speak to councilwoman Justine Feraldo about getting passes to leave the city. If she makes Eph happy, he should go for it. And she does.

Setrakian (David Bradley) and Fet (Kevin Durand) battle for possession of the Occido Lumen and gain a surprising new ally. Leaving the city won’t be easy for the three of them and they will face a massive attack when attempting to escape. Whose hands will the Occido Lumen find its new home in? Unfortunately, Alonso isn’t willing to give up the book because he’s making money off of the vampire war. Of course, the catch is that once the book is won it will go straight to Quinlan – who will deliver it to the ancients. Abraham has 24 hours to bring in gold to outbid Palmer.

Setrakian promises once he has the information he needs to eradicate the Master, the book can go back to the Ancients for sake keeping.

Back to Gus and Quinlan.

Eph, meanwhile, will be facing a tough choice involving the safety of his son, Zach, over the safety of the people of New York. Not only does Faraldo see right through his efforts of profiting on tragedy, but he does a bit of squabbling with Eichorst as well, who places the lives of both Eldritch and Coco as bargaining chips as the search for The Lumen reaches it’s final stand. They both get inside the vehicle of Mr. Quinlan’s associate.


Eichorst has a similar confrontation with Palmer and Coco after they discover that the Master does not want Palmer to appear at the bidding war.

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