This might be the most brutal poll yet for Hillary Clinton

A group of about 1,000 people came to hear the US senator from Vermont speak at the historically black college in Columbia. “Harkin has gotten more than 50 percent in the [Iowa] caucus – which is why we are working hard to earn every vote“, a campaign official said in an email, while touting Clinton’s growing ground game in the Hawkeye State.


“Obviously the campaign is delighted”, Sanders Press Secretary Lilia A. Chacon said in a statement. A quarter say so in each of those states, while very few think this is true of Sanders.

“You know exactly what he feels on everything”.

Buffett, the head of sprawling conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, is known as the Oracle of Omaha for his investing acumen. Clinton, on the other hand, did better among women, leading Sanders 49 percent to 35 percent, CBS News reported.

But in South Carolina, Sanders trails Clinton by 45 percentage points, according to the most recent poll.

Sanders has a natural advantage in the Granite State, which adjoins his home state of Vermont. “They’re talking to donors, they’re connecting with old supporters, they’re starting to think about potential campaign staff hires, according to people familiar with the activity”.

Sanders’ poll vault, whether a temporary bump or a sign of a long-term trend, appears more related to his anti-capitalist policies. He has positioned himself well to her left, proving that his “socialist” message resonates with the Democratic party.

Dan Nelson, a freshman at the University of South Carolina, said he sees Sanders as a candidate of principle.

Though she has also made income inequality a central plank of her campaign, Clinton is viewed by some as less consistent in her claim to the subject due to close ties to Wall Street.

I neither want him to jump or not want him to jump in”, Sanders said. “I was ready for her back in 2008″ when she lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama. “Suddenly if her electability is in question, then that’s when the handwringing truly begins and when donors start panicking”.

While overall the poll is good news for the anti-establishment campaign of Sanders and drug law reform activists who support a candidate that is willing to consider federal marijuana legalization and is proposing the abolishment of private prisons, not all of the news is great. His supporters have expressed concern that the DNC is paving the way for a Clinton coronation by limiting the debate opportunities of her challengers.

One of them, 2014 Senate nominee Joyce Dickerson, argued that Sanders is too far behind to catch up.


A different CNN/ORC poll, also released Thursday, found that Carson now leads Clinton in a hypothetical general election matchup, 51 to 46 percent, and that Clinton is essentially neck-and-neck with Trump and Bush in a hypothetical face-off.

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