This New iPhone Feature Could Be Costing You Hundreds!

Thankfully there is an easy fix, as the feature can be switched off in settings.


The iPhone will automatically detect when a Wi-Fi signal is struggling, and switch over to your 3G or 4G mobile connection. The feature is aimed at ensuring users don’t experience slow web browsing when their wi-fi connection is flaky. But this “issue” is massively overblown.

Scroll down until you see “Wi-Fi Assist” and tap the toggle. You’ll love it – unless it hogs up your data plan.

It’s a bit of a unusual element to include, especially as many people use Wi-Fi – at least in this country – as a very specific way of avoiding using their own mobile data allowance up. There is a way to find out if you’re using it – look for a grayed-out Wi-Fi icon – but unless you’re keeping tabs on it 24-7, it could sneak up on you. The menu lists all your apps and you can decide manually which apps you will allow the use of cellular data.

On your iPhone home screen, go to SETTINGS.

To avoid these potential overage charges, users are encouraged to turn off WiFi Assist. And, we are likely to keep outgrowing our data plans.

Accessing this section will provide an estimate of how much data your phone used since the data counter was reset, according to The Washington Post. What’s unfortunate about this however is that the feature is turned on by default when upgrading to iOS 9, and users may not be aware of its existence leading to consuming their monthly data cap in the process.

Alice Wheeler from Harrisonville says she downloaded the latest update to her iPhone, and it rendered her gadget temporarily useless. Following this the reviewer opens up a variety of apps and also looks at multitasking to compare speeds in these respects.


Of course if you’re on an unlimited data package then sit back and enjoy the security blanket of uninterrupted data delivery.