Thousands pour into Germany as migrant crisis intensifies

European Union officials want member countries to agree to resettle them in their territories.


Home Secretary Theresa May is attending talks with her counterparts from other European Union states in Brussels today, while David Cameron will meet fellow leaders tomorrow. While the leaders are expected to sign off on any proposals agreed by justice ministers, they will also discuss more long-term measures. So far, Europe’s leaders for the most part have succeeded only in accusing each other of acting selfishly or inhumanely and trading blame over who’s responsible for the crisis.

“The speed with which the European Parliament is giving its opinion is obviously down to the extreme urgency”, a spokesman for the office of parliament head Martin Schulz said.

Germany expects to receive between 800,000 and one million asylum seekers this year, generating extra costs close to €10bn.

“It’s the opposite of what the Chancellor has rightly said, namely that those who arrive in Germany and apply for asylum need a fair procedure”, Gabriel, who’s also chairman of the Social Democratic Party, said Sunday on ARD public television.

UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said: “This may be the last opportunity for a coherent European response to manage a crisis that is increasing suffering and exploitation of refugees and migrants and tension between countries”. But by the second quarter, their numbers plummeted to around 10,000 first-time asylum applicants.

Agela Merkel has urged the accept more asylum seekers while Europe is having difficultly coping with the biggest influx of asylum seekers after WW2.

Nearly 29,000 refugees and economic migrants had entered Croatia in the last week, with almost all of the new arrivals wanting to leave for another European nation that is more prosperous or where they might have family. A bill now being circulated within the German government would significantly overhaul the benefits system for migrants and speed up deportations for failed asylum seekers.

Critics of that policy say it has only fueled the relentless tide of people sailing to Europe and trying to make their way overland to Germany.

Responding to the escalating crisis in Europe, the chair of Labour’s refugee taskforce Yvette Cooper said: “Britain’s approach of only planning to take refugees from the camps in Syria isn’t working”.


But there are claims that some migrants are carrying fake Syrian passports – creating tensions with genuine Syrian nationals.

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