Tim Tebow Shares Emotional Visit With Young Gators Fan At Children’s Hospital

The Florida football legend took time out of his schedule to visit a young Gators fan named Nathaniel, who is a patient at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Tebow has a new girlfriend, which could test his goal to stay abstinent before marriage, but Crews believes the item should stick to his principles.


Nelson is receiving cancer treatment at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville. With a stuffed Gator in hand and Florida bed sheets to match, there was no doubt who Nathaniel roots for and no surprise to see this emotional reaction to Tebow’s visit. I was laughing inside. He musters of the energy to say, “Thank you for visiting me”.

Tebow told Nelson that he had received multiple messages from people telling him what a special young man he was and that he just had to meet him.

Tebow is an inspiration to many people.

Tebow’s foundation posted video of the greeting on Facebook. “It was 20 to 18”, Nelson said.


The two spent nearly two hours together and played video games and visited other children on the floor, according to Erik Dellenback, the executive director of the Tim Tebow Foundation.

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