Tinder is Having A Complete Meltdown Over A Vanity Fair Article

“If you’re interested in having a factual conversation, we’re here”, Tinder said. “We can not disclose additional information on our user base there”. And if physical attraction is absent, it doesn’t matter how many interests you have in common with someone or whether you like the same movies.


Yes, Tinder. The app that is apparently bringing about a “dating apocalypse” where young men and women swipe just to have sex. “The Tinder Generation is real”, the outburst continued. Our users are creating it. But it’s not at all what you portray it to be.

“It was sheer boredom and the fact that I hadn’t dated in a long while that got me on to these dating apps”. Just like in real life. “Our data tells us that the vast majority of Tinder users are looking for meaningful connections”. “That is why all of us at Tinder work so hard”. “Tinder and OK C, I thought, were a cool way to meet new women”. “Travel, dating, relationships, friends and a shit ton of marriages”. “Talk to our many users in China and North Korea who find a way to meet people on Tinder even though Facebook is banned”.

The Twitter meltdown has been saved in full by various news and technology sites, with some wondering if Tinder’s PR team might soon regret their hasty tweets.

But for all the drama, the question that remains is “Have dating apps made it easy to look for love?” and the answer is mixed. On our second date, we went to the Baltimore Museum of Art and an art fair in a nearby neighborhood. That’s why we’re here.

Users can’t message each other unless BOTH people are interested in one another.
Instead, your article took an incredibly biased view, which is disappointing.

You could have talked about how everyone on Tinder is authenticated through Facebook.


On Tinder, the instinctual reaction of the swipe is the same quick and dirty assessment of whether you find someone attractive. If two people swipe right on each other they are matched and can then chat. Twice I took the train from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., to go out with a woman; neither date resulted in much of a spark and we parted ways.

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