Tom Hanks Joined Stephen Colbert In Answering a few ‘Big Questions’

“Tom, what would you do with a time machine?”


As they lie next to each other (somehow not breaking into fits of laughter), Colbert and Hanks discuss a variety of topics, ranging from why bad things happen to good people to time travel to what Santa does during the summer months. Plus, hear his responses to an assortment of other great questions (including one that involves babies and Hitler). Stephen Colbert + John Oliver = Where’s Jon Stewart? But he can’t vote anyway, so…

We’ve also enjoyed the sprinkles of The Colbert Report and the sweet tunes from the Late Night band. “Late Show” guests Bill Withers and Ed Sheeran sat side-by-side and shared something in common: they both had stutters.

Colbert said he would see such a film, to which Hanks replied “I’d see it in 3D, buddy boy”. Bill’s response: “That’s what you call going from ginger to a ginger snap”. Which sock do you pick?


Stephen Colbert kicked off his version of The Late Show by joining Scarlett Johansson on a patch of grass. The fact that Danger has not pitched this with Vin Diesel and the dog from Air Bud just shows that Hollywood isn’t out of ideas, it’s just not listening to them. Think before you e-mail too.

Tom Hanks And Stephen Colbert Solved All The Mysteries Of The Universe, So You