Top 10 horror movies of all time

Which was the best fearful movie you ever watched? I think most of us have some name of movie in our mind after this question. But did you know that what the top 10 horror movies yet released are. Let’s have a look on the list…


1. The shining

The storyline revolves around a family who was the winter caretaker of a hotel. The son feels some disturbing visions about the hotel’s past. And then the movie starts its fearful journey.

The Shining

This movie was released in 1980 and got 8.5 rating from IMDB. The movie was directed by Stanley Kubrick with start cast Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd.

2. Alien

The storyline revolves around the crew members of space researchers who get an unknown signal from the nearest planet. After investigation of that unknown signal they conclude that this signal was for warning not for help and the story began.

This movie was released in 1979 and got 8.5 rating from IMDB. The movie is full of scary scenes and was directed by Ridley Scott.

3. Shaun of the Dead

Shaun feels that he is good for nothing so he keep on sad. But once he got a chance to save others from the zombie attack and to prove himself. Movie revolves around the zombies and how Shaun has cleared them off.

Movies was released in 2004 and directed by Edgar Wright.

4. Psycho

This movie was released in 1960 and was based on the story of an office worker Marion Crane who looted money about $40,000. And then she thinks to move towards her boyfriend store in California and the journey begins with lots of horror scene, actions and mysteries.

5. Cloverfield

This movie was based the five friends who fought against a monster. The movie is about to save their friends, lover from that monster.  This movie was come up in 2008.

6. Zombieland

Another movie based on zombies was released in 2009. This movie was about a shy student who survived against the zombies by following his 30 rule. He is searching for his family.

7. SAW

This is the story of two guys who fought for their survival. As they both are chained by their ankles to a pipe in a dirty bathroom. The story concentrates on how they will survive in this condition. This movie was released in 2004.

8. The Exorcist

This movie was released in 1973. The story was based on a 12 year girls who show some dangerous changed behaviour and this behaviour got caught by a priest. Priest is trying hard to save that girl from the evil.

the exorcist

9. 28 Days later

Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary. This movie was released in 2002.

10.   Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street


The story is about the revenge of “Sweeney Todd” who lost his family due to a corrupt person “Turpin”. This movie was released in 2007.