Top 10 Hospitals You Would Refuse To Go To

Hospital is a place where no one likes to go but it is also a place that becomes necessary when you are sick or injured. While most hospitals around the world are equipped with the infrastructure and the facilities, there are some hospitals in the world where you would not go to even when you need medical care. Let us learn about these hospitals.



Athens Mental Hospital

This mental hospital in Ohio was established in 1874 and became famous for treating violent criminals and mentally sickAthens Mental Hospital individuals. The hospital used its infamous lobotomy treatment method over patients and patients found the atmosphere creepy.


Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

This mental hospital in Australia remained in operation since 1867 till 1995. It was very popular and housed more than 1200 patients during its peak. The hospital became infamous for deaths and disappearances of patients. Once, jars filled with body parts of dead bodies vanished from their shelves.


Taunton State Hospital

This psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts has a horrifying history of doctors and nurses carrying out satanic rituals forcing patients to undergo these activities.  Patients remain terrified and did not have courage to go to the basement to meet a doctor or a nurse.


Severall hospital

This mental hospital in England is infamous for all the electric shock therapies and lobotomies that were conducted on patients here. More horrifying is the fact that families left their teenage girls who gave birth to bastards after being raped in this hospital.


Ararat Lunatic Asylum

Though people know it as Aradale hospital now, it was opened as Ararat lunatic asylum in 1867. The hospitals became infamous for its bizarre treatment methods. At its peak, this asylum housed thousands of patients, many of them criminals and very violent individuals.


Nocton Hall Hospital

This hospital was a normal one till WW I when it was overtaken by American forces who used to treat their injured soldiers here. It served as a military hospital once again during WW II and the Americans used it to treat their armed men even during the Gulf War.


Tranquille sanatorium

This hospital in Canada started as a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients but became a full blown hospital only in 1907. The hospital shut down in 1950’s but used for training and also served as a medical center for some time but finally closed in 1985. People have reported orbs, voices, and spirits in the building of this hospital since then.

Sai Ying Pun Hospital

This is a mental hospital in Hong Kong that has become infamous for all the ghost sightings and the stories of the supernatural activities taking place inside its building.


Old Changi Hospital

This mental hospital in Singapore is believed to be a haunted structure with its history adding to the rumors doing rounds. It was used by the Japanese as a torture house and a prison camp. People have often reported sightings of ghosts who are believed to be the victims tortured by the Japanese.