Top 10 Mobile Companies of the World

Mobile phone today is a necessity and not a luxury. It is one accessory or tool that is kept by most people around the world barring kids. The devices being used and loved by people are not simply communication devices meant to make voice calls as these gadgets have become very smart and intelligent bringing the wor5ld to the owner. While there are hundreds of mobile phone manufacturers around the world, there are only a few who are loved by people because of the style, features, and durability. The following is a list of top 10 mobile phone companies of the world.HTC




Samsung is a South Korean electronics giant that is known for many electronic gadgets but it very popular among the people because of its outstanding mobile phones also. Smartphones made by this company are known for their high quality, latest features and huge popularity.



Most people love this brand of mobile phones because of the durability of the gadgets made by the company. Nokia is a Finnish giant that ruled supreme for long before other companies surged ahead. It is still a name to reckon with in the world of smartphones.



Apple is known all over the world for its iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The mobile phones made by the company are very popular among upwardly mobile executives and rich people. There are millions of people who consider iphone to be the best smartphone in the world.



LG is again a Korean electronics giant having presence in many other products apart from mobile phones. Despite not using an operating system of its own, the mobile of LG are considered to be of very decent quality and packed with features.



Blackberryis a brand of smartphone that is made by Research in Motion or simply RIM. These phones are very popular among business class for their excellent mailing capabilities. These phones also have QWERTY keypads for which they are very popular among those who make use of text messages.



This is a US company that is one of the oldest mobile companies in the world. The mobiles made by the company are considered very robust and durable. Motorola is held in high esteem by the people though it is falling behind other mobile manufacturers these days.



Sony is an electronics giant from Japan. It makes many other products also. The mobile phones made by the companyMobile Companies are known for their high quality cameras and audio quality.  While the company was lying low for quite some time, it has emerged as a leader with its latest range of smartphones these days.



HTC is a China based company that is known for its high quality mobile phones that are also affordable.



This is another Chinese mobile company that is becoming popular because of its phones with latest features and affordable prices.



This is a mobile company having origins in India. Its mobile handsets are known to be packed with high specifications and features and yet are reasonably priced.