Top 10 Mobile Games

Mobile phone serves many more purposes than just being a device of keeping in touch with friends and relatives. It is a source of killing boredom by providing a chance to play some really exciting mobile games. When you are on a train or a flight with nothing else to do, it is these games that keep you occupied. The following is a compilation of top 10 mobile games that is subjective and of course there can be many more contenders to this list of games.



Angry Birds

This is one physics based game that is basically a tower defense game where you play as a part of a team of angry birdsAngry Birds who have been upset by some pigs and hell bent on destroying them by acting as missiles themselves. You set the trajectory and the force to hit the hiding places of pigs with the angry birds at your disposal to clear the level.


Fruit Ninja

This is a very popular mobile game where you are a Ninja trying to slice through fruits that are placed on the screen in a random manner. You swipe on the touch screen in an attempt to cut through different fruits.


Plants vs Zombies

This is an addictive game where you are a garden owner and have to defend your plants against an attack from zombies. You can use plants to foil their attack and clear levels.


Cut the Rope

There are candies hanging from a rope and you have to cut the rope in time to fee these candies to a cute monster. This is a fun filled physics based puzzler.



This is a role playing game where you have to repulse the attack by invaders and gain control of power nodes. This is like tower defense games that can be very addicting for some gamers.


Doodle God

Do you want to play the role of God in a comical world? If yes, Doodle God is the game you should download and play on your smartphone. You are given four elements and you have to combine them and mix in different proportions to bring to life different characters.


Shark Dash

This is a revenge game where you your girlfriend has been abducted by ducks and you have to get her back by eating them as a shark. This si another physics based game where you face obstacles and overcome them by new found abilities as you clear the levels.



You are a floating organism in the universe and have to absorb smaller organisms to grow in size. You lose as soon as you are absorbed by a bigger organism.


GTA Vice City

This is a very popular PC game that can be played on mobile also. You are a criminal and loot cars and kill others to clear the levels by fulfilling tasks.Minecraft Pocket


Minecraft Pocket

This is the mobile version of the very popular PC game where you build towers and also defend them against creeping invaders.

This is a subjective list with 10 very popular games.