Top 10 of the Funniest Commercials You Can Think Of

There have been quite a lot of advertisements that has made people laugh a lot and talk about as well. The following are the list of some of the funniest commercials that you can ever think of and those that have made you laugh over and over again.


Apple “Stuffed” Ad

“Get A Mac” ad from Apple is not such a laugh riot, but it still will tickle your funny bones to an extent that you might be tempted to laugh out loud. This ad is constructed around an prototypic funny couple, Justin Long as the straight-man Mac, and John Hodgman as the bumbling-fool PC, the blobs never conked out to amuse. It was amidst the more visually freakish, with an absurdly obese PC protesting about how he’s choked up fully with trial software that actually slackens him down.

2008’s Skittles, Pinata

Another amusing and slightly entertaining advertisement to go on air in 2008 from the house of TBWA was that of a Skittles spot skewed blacker, with an individual piñata recuperating from a brutal assault at the custody of a co-worker. Piñata Man’s sorrowful cry at the death is in all probability the genre’s peculiar high point. There is no doubt that this ad was able to gel with the audience.

“Bus Station” Ad By Starburst

When it relates to humorous eccentric characters, a few could match Starburst’s “Little Lad,” the unnervingly spirited berries-and-cream enjoying rascal, played by Jack Ferver. There is no doubt that this absurdist comedy left the youth bemused.

“Whale Song” Ad

Jerry Lambert has performed the role of the “Business Guys” in Fallon’s Holiday Inn commercial well before doning on the role of VP Kevin Butler in the Playstation campaign. Lambert knows how to enthrall an captivate the audience and his performance in the ad where he simulates the gallant humpback whale in his hotel room’s at ease, possibly too comfy, work space did capture the audience imaginations.Top 10 of the Funniest Commercials You Can Think Of222

Bud Light, “Mr. Really, Really, Really Bad Dancer”

Bud Light’s “Real Men of Genius,” from DDB Chicago, jokingly toasting the world’s host of unappreciated male heroes, sported cracking mock-serious voiceovers by Pete Stacker and extraordinary vocals by Survivor’s Dave Bickler and is the finest and most comical radio campaign of all time.

“Gorilla Ad” By Cadbury

A gorilla enjoying Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” song suddenly leaps into action when hearing the drum solo and starts to bang on his drum kit with an 80’s feel that had its audiences laugh loudly.

“Bear” Ad For Canned Salmon

A bear is shown fishing for salmon and is interrupted by John West fisherman running into the screen screaming in a bid to fight the bear to catch the best fish. The fight that he gets into with the bear, the blow to the crotch and his reaction thereafter had the audiences in splits.

“Beef Ad” from Wendy

The midget and irreproducible grand old Clara Peller made a social movement just by pivoting her head back and forth, appearing amazed and barking the catch phrase of the popular beef ad from Wendy. It went on to become one of the most sought after commercials in 1984.

“Terry Tate” From Reebok

in this Super Bowl berth for Reebok starring Lester Speight as Terry Tate, he is protrayed as a linebacker who flies high by brutally confronting co-workers when they cock-up. After dropping a worker who poured the last cupful of coffee, he yelled, “You kill the Joe, you make some mo!”


“Whassup” by Budweiser

“Whassup?” Had Charles Stone III and his pals moaning and roaring the catch phrase at one another over and over again. Elementary, communicable, and humorous, it developed as a short flick before DDB got Stone and friends to redo it as a commercial.