Top 10 Tourist Destinations of the World

Our world is full of beautiful places and people. However, some countries and places are more visited by people from around the world than others because of their popularity and also because of their uniqueness and charm. If we go by the number of tourists visiting a country, it appears that France is ahead of the rest of the world with nearly 80 million people arriving to see this country. Mexico is at the 10th spot with nearly 23 million tourists visiting the country. There are some surprise entries in this list that is given below with a brief description of the countries.




France is the top tourist destination of the world. When it come to romantic places on earth, the French capital Pairs tops the list of places with most honeymooners preferring it over other places. Eiffel Tower in Paris still remains one of the top structures attracting millions of visitors. There are also St. Tropez, Palace of Versailles, and Charles cathedral and many more places that make it attractive. There is also the allure of French wine, food, and culture in addition to the French weather.



USA remains a very popular vacation destination for the families because of places like Hollywood, Disneyland, andYellowstone National Park Niagara Falls. Then there is Yellowstone, Manhattan in NY, White House in Washington DC, and many more places of tourist attraction that make USA a top destination for vacationers from around the world.



China has climbed many places and is today at third place when it comes to receiving high numbers of tourists. It received more than 57 million tourists in 2011. While the Great Wall of China remains a top attraction, there are also the Terracotta Army, The Bund in Shanghai, the Yellow Mountains in Huangshan, and the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong that attract millions of visitors.The Bund in Shanghai



Spain has always remained a top tourist destination because of its natural beauty and culture. The cities of Madrid and Barcelona are always full of tourists round the year. The Spanish cuisine, its architecture, and the sun soaked beaches are the main attractions of this country.



Italy is one of the most beautiful countries of the world and one European country that is considered the fashion capital of the world. It is also a very romantic place drawing close to 50 million tourists in a year.



You may be surprised but with nearly 30 million tourists arriving here in 2011, it has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Nice and sunny weather and beautiful beaches make Turkey so popular.



UK remains at 6th place close behind Turkey. The cold weather and the beauty of Scotland and Wales in addition to the beauty and charm of London attract so many tourists to this country.


Germany, Malaysia, and Mexico make up the list of the top 10 tourist destinations of the world. While the Great Berlin Wall does it for Germany, it is the Mexican food and culture that makes Mexico so very popular.

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