Top 10 Ways to make Money Online

In order to survive and to live some if not all of your dreams, you need to find a way to have a steady stream of income every month for the rest of your life. ‘What can I do if I am this and that and my job takes up all my time’ would be the normal response of most of us to this teaser. Internet has emerged as a good way to earn some decent money with many new avenues opening up in the last few years to let average people make money doing little in their leisure time. Take a look at these easy ways to earn money online.Money Making Tips



Data entry jobs

This is the easiest but also the least paying jobs that are available to all who want to earn some extra income from their free time. All you need to is to copy paste from the information that is provided to you and fill up entries in a large number of forms. Just get a computer and internet connection to start earning a little this way.


Sell your photos

There are websites looking for amateur photos taken by common people and they pay small amounts of money to people whose pictures are clicked by surfers on the net. If you are fond of clicking photos from your digital camera, it can be your tool  to earn some money online.


Become an online assistant

If you have expertise or skills in the world of designing, programming, internet, or software development, you can earn handsomely by becoming a virtual assistant and providing help from the comfort of your own home.


Write articles

If you have a flair for writing and received praise for your pieces written in the school journal, you can make your hobby fetch money from the internet by writing articles and placing them on various article directories for free.


Open an e-shop

If you always desired to be a shopkeeper or storeowner, internet is the best way to start selling products without evenmake-money-online-top-10-tips talking on rent a retail space or managing inventory as you can sell products from your own website. With the numbers of people buying online increasing exponentially in recent times, selling on internet has become a good way to earn attractive commissions from companies.


Be an app tester

If you are passionate about mobile apps, become an app tester and give feedback to developers to earn money online.


Give e-tuitions

If you are good in a particular subject, start giving tuitions ot students oinline to earn money.


Become a translator

If you have a good grip over a language, this knowledge alone can make you earn good money from the internet as a translator.

Start posting on forums

This is an easy way to make money online. There are scores of forums on the internet that require you to post small text relevant to the forum and you get regular money for your services.




This is a high paying job on internet. If you have skills in listening to audio tapes and converting the content into text, you can earn a lot of money from lawyers and doctors who want their conversations to be converted into text files.