Top 10 Weird Islands of the World

There are hundreds of thousands of islands around the world. Most of these islands are beautiful with some being top tourist destinations because of their breathtaking scenic beauty and natural landmarks. However, there are also some very unusual and almost weird looking islands that few know about. This article lists these islands for the readers.



Molokini Island, Hawaii

This is a weird island in Hawaii Islands because of its shape. If you take an aerial view of the island, you would find it shaped like a perfect crescent. How could a piece of land so shaped remain above the sea level is a mystery for the scientists.Molokini Island, Hawaii


Group that welcomes with a smiley

Sulug, Mamutik, and Manukan are three islands forming a group in such a manner that visitors are welcomes with a smile when they are above this group of islands. Actually these three islands in Malaysia make up a smiley when you are in an airplane in air above them.


Isabela Island

This island in Ecuador is not only the largest in the country but also active volcanically. But the weirdest part of the island is that it is shaped just like a sea horse. The island is home to many species of tortoises and there are also species of penguins, iguanas, and pelicans. This island is also famous for the 2nd largest crater in the world.


Koh Kai Island

This island is also called Chicken Island because of a large rock in the island that looks like the neck of a chicken. Chicken Island in Thailand is a beautiful place for the visitors as it is full of coral reefs and fish that are visible to those fond of snorkeling.


Galesnjak Island

This island in Croatia is weird in the sense that it is shaped like a human heart. This is the reason why it has become so popular among lovers and married couples. This is a tiny deserted island that has lots of wild plants and trees.


Dolphin Island

Tourists cannot believe their eyes when they see the shape of a dolphin when they see this island near Flores Island in Indonesia.


Hadahaa Island

This island in Maldives is shaped like a human eye surprising the visitors when they see it from air. This has been possiblePalm and world Islands because of reef that covers the island all around at a distance of just 30 meters.


Palm and world Islands

These are manmade islands in Dubai that are shaped as a palm tree and a world map respectively. These islands are full of villas and hotels to make them top tourist destinations of the world.

North Sentinel Island

This is a weird island in the Bay of Bengal that lies within the jurisdiction of the government of India. It is covered with dense forests and inhabited by tribal people who attack visitors.




This is a large island in the northern part of Norway that surprisingly has no roads and the houses are connected by sea that is covered suing snowmobile or boats. ,