Torrent Trackers Block Windows 10 Users Over Spying Fears

So far, several torrent trackers including one major team known as iTS has banned the operating system. When considering the open-ended nature of some of the tracking and data storage that Windows 10 is allowed to do by the agreement, it might be paranoid but in the post-Snowden world, it’s not surprising to see so much discussion around it.


“If Microsoft does not review its privacy policy, Windows 10 could be the subject of a recommendation prohibiting its purchase”, posted on his twitter account the Federal Commissioner.

Share your views about torrent trackers going against Windows 10 in the section below. But other groups are set to do the same, according to TorrentFreak.

iTS goes on to state that Microsoft is working hand-in-hand with anti-piracy company MarkMonitor (a company that it has been associated with for quite some time) to surreptitiously pick off torrent users, and eventually go after trackers that feed them. You as a member should know, that we as a site are thinking about banning the OS from FSC.

But since Windows Hello is part of the OS, it makes sense at some level to let this app access the camera no matter what, especially if you want to use biometric authentication. In the last week, Russian MPs and lawyers have been falling over themselves in an effort to get the country’s government to ban Microsoft’s new OS from being used by civil servants due to concerns that U.S. agencies could use it to spy on them.

Swiss Federal Police launched a clarification process for Microsoft’s Windows 10.

Twenty years ago, Microsoft changed the world.

Levichev further notes that Microsoft will store and process such data “in the United States or any other country for an indefinite period of time”, and could be transferred to U.S. agencies. Then Windows 10 default settings proved to be skewed toward spying on users by default.

Levichev’s call for a ban on Windows 10 was echoed by lawyers from the Moscow legal firm Bubnov and Partners, which has separately filed a complaint with the Russian Prosecutor General’s office over the operating system’s privacy and data collection settings.

While iTS is the first to slam the door on Windows 10 users, it likely won’ be the last. The Russian lawyers allege that Windows 10 breaches Russia’s privacy laws as the OS “illicitly collects users’ browser history, passwords, location, elements of electronic messages, calendar records and even voice recording”.

If Windows 95 was just about glitz, though, we wouldn’t be remembering it today.

The controversy regarding Windows 10 and privacy originates from Microsoft’s Services Agreement, which was recently updated to allow the company to download software updates and configuration changes that may prevent people from playing counterfeit games.

Microsoft made the mistake to remove it in Windows 8 and the users kept complaining until the company realized how popular this button was.


As that blew across the digital wires, Microsoft responded to “Windows 10 built-in piracy kill switch” accusations by claiming its EULA had always given it the power to remotely disable pirated games on PCs.

Windows 10 Faces Torrent Site Bans Over Privacy Concerns