Transgender woman beaten, shot dead in north Philadelphia

Philadelphia police are asking for the public’s help in solving the murder of a transgender woman in Logan. Police responded and transported Jenkins to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.


Police are treating the case as a homicide – not a hate crime – though that could change as the investigation continues, she added.

Jenkins was struck twice in the back as the suspects fled the scene.

Investigators said the attack happened not long after Jenkins had been dropped off by an unidentified man. After the driver pulled away, Jenkins walked for a few minutes and then was approached by a group of at least five men, Clark said. Detectives are reviewing surveillance footage from the area, police said.

Late in July, The Advocate reported that at the least 19 trans ladies had been killed in 2015. That is up from 12 in 2013.

The actual number of killings of trans individuals is likely much higher, as family members often don’t report to police or media that a victim identified as transgender. Police said a personal argument led to the attack.

London Chanel, 21, was fatally stabbed May 18 by her roommate in Wister.

They pummeled Jenkins, knocking her to the ground.

Fitzpatrick said, “This type of wicked, inhumane violence just has no place here”.


People on Twitter mourned Jenkins’s death using the hashtag #sayhername. “The solution is in our society – making sure that any level of stigma or lack of access is completely eliminated for everyone”.