Travel Trends for This Summer

When it comes to travel and vacation, most people think about beaches, sand, and surfing. However, for people living around coastal areas, nothing beats the cool breeze of the mountainous regions while those living in cold areas try to get away from the chill to have all the fun and entertainment. With summers having set in, it has become hard to avoid the rush at popular tourist destinations around the world. If you are aware of the travel trends this summer, you can enjoy the best features of any tourist destination and beat the rush if you time your travel accordingly.


Social media is changing the face of travel, particularly international tourism as more and more people looking up the internet to find out the ratings and reviews of tourist destinations before deciding and packing their bags. Yelp and TripAdvisor are two of the most popular travel websites that are consulted by tourists before making their plans.  People also make use of Pinterest to look at the places and the facilities.


The most expensive and the cheapest tourist destinations this summer

Memorial Day officially marks the beginning of the summer season that is utilized by tourists to head off to different Italytourist destinations both domestic as well as international. Talking about countries, UK remains most popular tourist destination for the people around the world with France, USA, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and Greece being other hot destinations for the tourists. For those who are rich and can afford, the top destinations for the most expensive holidays remain Zurich, Oslo, Stockholm, London, Paris, and Copenhagen. For tourists looking for cheap travel destinations, Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt and Budapest in Hungary are going to be hot tourist destinations this summer.

Even though people think of all the fun and adventure when the word vacations is used, 30% of the tourists till today travel so that they can meet friends and relatives. Sightseeing is the number 2 reason for vacations with the desire to be on the beaches and other water bodies being the third reason why people travel. No matter what the reason to travel, nearly 76% of all the American travelers make their plans after searching on the internet. As far as destinations for River Thames and Tower Bridge at Dusk, London, Englandvacations are concerned, nearly 42% of the tourists expressed a desire to be in places with water and beaches. 22% were interested in camping sites while a whopping 32% wanted their vacations to be in a destination were there are ample opportunities for shopping.

Another hot trend this summer is going to be family travels. Every third traveler is on a vacation along with his family. This means that families make up the biggest chunk of tourists around the globe and this is going to be the trend this summer also. Most of the tourists around the globe tend to have a tight budget with $1500 being the travel budget of nearly a third of the tourists. This budget is between $1500 and $2500 for another third with only one third of the tourists having a budget in excess of $2500.