Tropical Storm Ida changes direction in Atlantic

As Britain gears up to enjoy a few days of respite after the stormy end to summer it will go downhill from October with freezing “wind storms” unleashing misery, forecasters warn. Cloud top temperatures were as cold as -63 degrees Fahrenheit/-53 degrees Celsius, indicative of strong storms with the potential for heavy rain.


Tropical Storm Ida has changed direction but still remains no threat to the Caribbean.

The MODIS image showed that Ida appeared to be dealing with wind shear as the storm was not circular.

Tropics: Tropical Storm Ida is meandering around the central Atlantic, stuck in an area with weak steering currents.

The storm’s maximum sustained winds Monday night were about 45 miles per hour (75 kph). Forecasters do not expect any major change in strength over the next two days.

A slow eastward or east-southeastward motion is expected later today and Wednesday, and tropical storm-force winds extend about 205 miles from the system’s center.

The estimated minimum central pressure is 1,005 mb (29.68 inches).

There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect.

“By 72 hours, the shear decreases a bit, which should allow for a little strengthening”, he said.


Ida also will begin moving northwest to north, but remain far from land.