Troy police officers wounded, suspect killed in shootout

Two officers with the Troy Police Department officers were responding to an attempted vehicle jacking near 115th and 5th avenues around 11 p.m. Saturday when they spotted a man who fit the suspect’s description, said Time Warner Cable News.


Capt. Dan DeWolf tells the newspaper the two officers were responding to a call in the city’s Lansingburgh neighborhood when the shooting occurred.

Two Albany-area police officers, shot in the line of duty, were in the hospital, Sunday night. “The bullet hit him in the back of the shoulder”, says Troy Police Chief John Tedesco.

Tedesco said he is hopeful both officers will fully recover.

“Multiple charges for weapons possession”.

Tedesco emphasized that both officers have the department’s full support as the investigation continues and that information gathered, so far, shows that the two men were justified in their actions and were acting in self defense.

Klein is a Gulf War veteran and a Patrol Officer.

The officers were “doing OK” and are in stable condition, DeWolf said, one with a wound in the leg and the other a wound in the torso.

Officers Klein and Comitale are now being treated at Albany Medical Center Hospital. Comitale is a 7 year member of the Troy Police Department Klein is a 9 year member of the Troy Police Department.


A multiple block area has been taped off as police continue to investigate the incident.

Two Troy Police Officers and Suspect Shot