Trump Answers Questions About His Immigration Plan

“We’ve lost control of our borders”. John, I worked for the federal government for seven years as a U.S. attorney.


It is comical watching GOP insiders, who leak bile and hatred anonymously on an nearly daily basis to websites such as Politico, saying in public how much they love The Donald. “Nobody has any idea”.

Bush told reporters at the Palenque Grill restaurant that Trump’s immigration plan would cost billions of dollars, violate civil liberties and “create friction” with Mexico, America’s third-largest trading partner. Bill, let me just tell you something. “I would even take big contributors as long as they don’t expect anything because the only people that can expect something from me is going to be the people that want to see our country be great again”. “I get the best people and we will do it properly and we will do it humanely and get the good ones back in”. “Oh, you’ll hear it, George”. “Don’t worry about it”. “I wouldn’t say he was the most conservative, but fairly”, Trump said. His approach to describing illegal immigrants are hurting us with Hispanics. “So I think over time, common sense will prevail”.

But Cruz wouldn’t say whether he would seek a change to the 14th Amendment as president.

Trump has also proposed ending birthright citizenship for children born here to illegal immigrants. My point is having this debate about anything else when we don’t have politicians who are committed to actually securing the border and enforcing the laws, which means very simply in our country e-verify.

“Trump’s positions are deeply out-of-step with the Alabama way of life”, said an email to voters from the Bush campaign before Trump’s rally Friday in a football stadium in Mobile.

He also has gone a step further than most of his rivals by arguing that American workers and American wages should be a factor in determining levels of legal immigration – putting him in the same camp as former Pennsylvania Sen.

But Donald Trump also has won the trust of many voters on top issues, more than any other Republican presidential candidate.


What was striking was the way Republican and Democratic viewers alike reacted positively to both men – who, Luntz said, are “tapping into the same anger”. “It’s a tough situation but they’ve lived here sometimes for 10, 15, 20 years“, he said. Those caves can be eliminated. While campaigning in Graham’s home state last month, Trump publicly revealed the senator’s personal cell-phone number.

Republican presidential candidate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks at the Alabama GOP summer luncheon as he tours the South Saturday Aug. 22 2015 at the International Sports Hall of Fame in Talladega Ala