Trump comments about Forbes Estimates over His Net Worth Again

Forbes estimated Trump’s net worth at $1.7 billion, less than the $3.7 billion he claimed for himself, but still lofty enough to appease Trump.


The Donald, as the outspoken real estate mogul’s former wife Ivana dubbed him, has pegged his net worth at around billion, according to its ranking of the wealthiest people in the U.S. However, Forbes is listing Trump’s riches at $4.5 billion. “Well, I think the biggest difference is in terms of how he values his brand”.

Actually, Forbes called Trump much less liquid than he claimed.

Donald Trump has insisted he is “mature” enough to be President – then immediately picked a fight with Forbes over his wealth.

“I have a lot of cash”, he added. “I’m truly rich,” Trump told the group when he reported his keep running for president.

Trump recently claimed he would not need to spend the $100 million he had pledged to plough into his campaign because of all the free press coverage he was receiving.

“They are wrong”, Trump said.

“I don’t know. Whatever it is”, Trump concluded. “I don’t think they give me any value for brand and my brand is very valuable”.

The GOP frontrunner accused Forbes of not measuring accurately the value of his brand, and assured that just after the interview he had plans of signing a new branding worth “hundreds of millions of dollars”. But Trump wasn’t pleased with the financial magazine’s assessment of his wealth. “That is all I’m gonna say”.

Forbes says it arrived at its final number after “devoting unprecedented resources to valuing a single fortune”.

O’Donnell writes that this made Forbes “suspicious”, and next year the publication ran a story revising its estimate of Trump’s net worth downward by more than two-thirds.


Whether he’s worth $4.5 billion or $10 billion, one thing is for sure: He doesn’t have to scrounge around for $250,000 speaking gigs in order to get through “tough times”.

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