Trump, Cruz to partake in rally against deal on Iran

Speaking to reporters following a campaign rally in South Carolina, Trump said the event will essentially be a “protest” of the Obama administration’s “totally incompetent” nuclear deal with Iran.


“Anybody who’s in public life and opposed to the deal, it’s useful to have them speak out and oppose this catastrophe”, Klein said. While Trump far outpaces him in the polls, Cruz has cast himself as the anti-establishment candidate and played up the battles he’s waged against fellow Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY).

“In the end, I think Trump will have generated the interest – and then Cruz will benefit from it”, Bill Stewart, a former chair of the University of Alabama’s political-science department, said. “And they’ve been really nice, ‘ Trump said Friday on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe” program. Trump, not just undeterred but energized by the reaction, told the New York Times that Bush was a “low-energy person” – a phrase he’s repeated several times, knowing that it tweaks the younger Bush brother – and took to Twitter to mock him for rarely using his last name.

“By the end of the term, they’re going to be able to make nukes easily”, he said. I would go before the court and say, “I’m guilty”‘.

Congress is expected to begin debating the Iran deal when lawmakers return from summer recess September 8.

The White House is selling the pact as a way to forestall Iran’s nuclear ambitions through billions in pot-sweeteners and an inspection regime overseen by global monitors. As a litany of others trashed The Donald for his comments about Mexican immigrants and Sen.


The event will be co-sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy and the Zionist Organization of America, Frazier said. Now the two are teaming up together next month for a rally against the Iran Nuclear deal. ‘Nor have they forgotten that we are only days removed fromAyatollah Khamenei’s repeated calls for “Death to America”‘. Under the current language, he argued, the goal of preventing a nuclear-armed Iran is not possible.

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