Trump Dominates in One America Poll

In the new poll, U.S. Sens.


The poll released Friday found that of all the Republican presidential candidates, Trump has the least room to expand.

And while he proclaimed he’d be a “Superman” president, the billionaire businessman and former Atlantic City casino tycoon also said he’d drop out of the race and go back to his company if his poll numbers ever tanked.

Trump promised that he was “in this for the long haul” but said he did not suggest that he would mind returning to his business ventures if his campaign is were to falter, CBS Washington reported.

Trump’s volatile rhetoric and extreme positions on immigration have curried favor with much of the conservative base but have simultaneously alienated voters he’ll need to win a primary, and certainly a general election.

Trump, however, said he does not have to worry about that quite yet. Prior to that, Trump had 30% of support, and a 10-point lead over second place Ben Carson, according to RealClearPolitics.

“No”, Trump replied with regard to the “Superman” comment, “but we will if you have Trump”. “I will not disappoint those people“.

Many Republicans have cried that Trump’s decorum is not worthy of the White House and that he is hurting the party.

A Pew Research Center poll finds that “by more than two-to-one (65% to 29%), Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters say it is more important that a candidate have new ideas than ‘experience and a proven record.’ ” It was not always this way. In recent days, the real-estate mogul has repeatedly slammed media outlets that have reported polls that show him losing ground to Carson, Fiorina, and Rubio. October will be a telling month as Bush’s team will spend $25 million in advertising to get Jeb’s brand out to the public. Trump told Harwood. “Right now, I’m leading every poll and in most cases big“.


“I’m leading Iowa, I’m leading New Hampshire, I’m leading South Carolina, I’m leading everything.”