Trump exciting GOP… and dangling prospect of 3rd party bid

– “No. I won’t go on record as saying that”.


Some say no way Trump can win, they said the same thing about a Hollywood actor back in 1980.

Trump also benefits from the perception that his rivals and the press want him out of the race and are desperately seizing upon any gaffe to drive him out.

The Republican Party establishment has had to fall in line behind unconventional candidates before.

Asked why Trump has been surging, Priebus said it’s “very early in the race” but noted that the businessman is “speaking out to people that are really frustrated with Washington – frustrated, I think in many cases, with both parties”.

Donald Trump’s brand of anti-immigrant, anti-veteran politics should not be welcome in Michigan”, Dillon said. But he’s also been chastised by fellow GOP candidates. Despite all the hysteria about Trump supposedly “losing” the Hispanic Vote, the candidate still had the highest of all (admittedly low) favorability ratings among Republicans. It’s set for August 6. None of the other 11 candidates could get double-digit support.

Secretary of State John Kerry should have walked out on the Iranians like President Ronald Reagan did on former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at Reykjavik during the 1986 nuclear talks, the former mayor said. Trump is wrong in his thinking and wrong in his approach. And leading contenders such as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker – Trump’s target over the weekend – know that while Trump might never be the Republican nominee, he might well elbow others out of contention. His position on socially conservative issues sure seems to follow what Trump needs to be popular. Orderly debates would have been tiresome, but that was the point.

If not, the billionaire real-estate mogul and reality TV star could mount a third-party run for the White House.

It turns out that even The Donald can’t predict the future after all, 25 years after that comment, he’s mounting a strong early push for the Republican presidential nomination. “Absolutely, if they’re not fair, that would be a factor”.

But eventually, the party faithful had to settle for Mitt Romney, who they were unenthusiastic about.

The American political class has failed the country, and should be fired. Bush received the lowest percentage of the popular vote of any sitting president in 80 years.

In October 2013, former Bill Clinton campaign strategist James Carville, along with pollster Stan Greenberg, did an in-depth study of the groups that compose the Republican Party’s base. In Iowa, Trump is tied with Walker for the lead among those who do not have a college education, both at 18%.

Compared to Trump, all the other candidates, including Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, are boring.

Republicans recognize offending Trump is politically risky.

The turnaround in Trump’s donation habits has come alongside a few rapid turnarounds in political views, as Politico’s Timothy Noah wrote in a Monday analysis.


Still, who expected Donald Trump to be in the catbird seat in the GOP nomination run before the first presidential debate?

5 things to consider as Trump dangles 3rd party prospect