Trump joins other politicians confronted by touchy questions

Basically the question was, when can weget rid of” Muslims in America, though clearly there are some fact errors in that question to Donald Trump at a town hall event in New Hampshire. His campaign said in a statement that he couldn’t make it because of a “significant business transaction” that ran past the scheduled close.


“Look, ladies and gentlemen I’m not playing this … game that you want to play”, a visibly aggravated Santorum said at Heritage Action’s presidential forum in Greenville, South Carolina.

Trump, who once was a driver of the “birther” movement that falsely claimed Obama wasn’t born in the U.S, at first laughed off the question, but then let the man continue. “I’d say, he’s a Christian and he was born in this country“. Fellow candidates from both parties were swift to condemn Trump’s remark; Trump himself has not commented on the flap.

“We have a problem in this country”.

“We have a problem in this country”, the unidentified man begins. First and foremost, Clinton – herself – didn’t exactly defend Obama much better when she was asked about the possibility of the president being Muslim in the past.

“As far as Trump’s concerned with respect to this, I think that seems like a complete plant, it was a set up, it just sounds fake and phony and ridiculous”, Guilfoyle said of the man’s comments.

Trump appeared to nod.

“We got to it eventually”, Kelly said. “This is the first question”.

The president is Christian and speaks often about his faith.

President Barack Obama, never one to miss an opportunity for cheap moral preening, invited Mohamed to the White House.

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said that the room was noisy and that Trump had trouble hearing the question.

Mr Trump’s fellow Republican, Lindsey Graham, also a candidate for presidential nomination, said it was a defining moment.

It’s clear Donald Trump cares very little about who he offends.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was among the Trump rivals to criticize how the billionaire handled the situation, saying he wouldn’t have permitted the statement to go unchallenged.

Meanwhile, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton condemned Trump’s omission, tweeting shortly after the rally that his failure to denounce “hateful rhetoric” was “disturbing and wrong”. On the stump on Friday, she told Trump to “start acting like a president”. That’s an interesting gesture: Anybody want to hazard a guess as to what would happen if a young man showed up at the White House visitors’ center with a backpack in which was a homemade device full of circuit boards joined to a timing device?

Earnest said the majority of Trump’s supporters maintain “offensive” views.


Earnest cited the example of Republican Sen. “We are going to be looking at that and plenty of other things”, Trump responded. Democrats and Democratic-leaning respondents said they held the least warm feelings about Mormons, although there was less difference in their feeling toward other groups. A recent CNN/ORC poll found that 29 percent of Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim, including 43 percent of Republicans.

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