Trump Leads Republican Presidential Race With 25%: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

“I think that other people are going to probably join the race, eventually, like maybe (Vice President Joe) Biden and other people“, he said.


Trump has faced a storm of criticism over his heated rhetoric against illegal immigration. He would lose to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 48-36 percent – and would also be bested by Vermont Sen.

The poll could have significance heading into the first party-sanctioned candidate debate August. 6 in Cleveland. Dropping the most support since May are Carson, Huckabee, and Rubio, who each registered 10 percent support two months ago. The comment created a backlash, with McCain urging Trump to apologize to US prisoners of war. In a match up with Bush and Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Trump tied with Bush at 23 percent among likely voters, with Clinton leading 37 percent of the vote. Christie comes in second place in that respect, as 15 percent of voters indicated they would definitely not support him.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll published Thursday, 57% of voters do not view Clinton as “honest and trustworthy”, compared to the 37% who believe that Clinton is trustworthy. “When he went after me, I said, ‘Hey, he can speak for himself.'”. His closest competitor- nearly six points behind, according to that compilation – is Jeb Bush at 13.4 percent.

The polls may show Donald Trump is the front-runner in the Republican presidential race, but one of his fellow GOP candidates says the billionaire businessman and reality-TV star will never become the next president of the United States because “he’s a birther”.

Yet, the polls this time around are good for more than headlines: they will determine the 10 candidates who will attend the first debate August. 6. Among the entire electorate, however, 59 percent of those polled still express a negative opinion of “The Donald“.

In a pair of new NBC-Marist polls trump has a 7 point lead over Bush in New Hampshire. Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a news release.


A third-party bid by Trump would effectively doom any Republican’s chances at the presidency, the poll shows, be it Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Florida Senator Marco Rubio or someone else.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally and picnic in Oskaloosa Iowa. The prospect that Trump might eventually leave the primaries and run for president on his own has started to cast a shadow