Trump on his tax plan: ‘Zero rate’ for some

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, well-known for his outspoken manners, put down journalists during an interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday. It wasn’t clear in the interview if those planks would be part of his tax plan on Monday, and his campaign didn’t return an e-mail and phone call seeking comment.


Under the current system, investments are taxes at lower rates than traditional income like wages.

“If Trump’s plan is going to sell with supply-side economists, the tax rates across the board are going to have to come down”, said Moore, who has consulted with Rand Paul and Jeb Bush on their tax plans and said he spoke to Trump’s team about six weeks ago. “I don’t want to have certain people on Wall Street getting away with paying no tax”. Trump said on 60 Minutes that he no longer wants to raise the retirement age to 70, and would not cut Social Security benefits. And I would say, “China, you better go in there and you better do something because economically it could cost China”.

Besides military/defense issues, Trump’s television appearance Sunday night touched on a variety of other topics, including his announcement that he intends to offer the specifics of a tax plan this week.

Speaking Wednesday at a joint press conference with South African Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, Kerry said the imposition of sanctions against Iran, which also has aspirations as a nuclear power, influenced Tehran to change its direction and end their isolation from the global community. Because our middle class…is being absolutely decimated. “He would tell me constantly, ‘Don’t drink.’ And I’ve never had a drink”.

Pelley then pointed out that the federal debt is $19 trillion and asked how the nation could afford those sorts of tax cuts. He also suggested that the United States could break the agreement because “every agreement has a defraud clause” and is “being defrauded by all these countries”.

CBS Trump told Pelley “this is an un-Republican thing for me to say, but I am going to take care of everybody”. “We need fair trade”.

Throughout the interview, Pelley often urged Trump to explain how he would achieve and pay for numerous grand ideas he has proposed.

“The media is among the worst people I’ve ever met”, Trump said. “If you did a bad story on me for 60 Minutes, if it were a fair story I wouldn’t be thin-skinned at all“.

“It’s cheaper than wallpaper”, the billionaire businessman deadpanned, before offering this explanation for his ubiquitous media presence.

He added that the United States should allow Russian Federation to handle the problem.


Despite reiterating a pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare, Trump said he would bring about a program under which “everybody’s got to be covered”.

Donald Trump in Oklahoma City on Friday