Trump on Kelly flap, Clinton emails, Cosby and more

“Oh, please with Donald Trump“.


Donald Trump said he’s never been a fan of Bill Cosby. “We’re talking about mostly medical issues but women’s issues”, Trump revealed of his third wife, mom to his son Barron, 9.

And there has been no love lost for Trump over the last few years. I read a story two weeks ago from somebody that didn’t understand, where they said ‘NBC cut ties with Trump.’ They didn’t cut ties with me, I cut ties with them out of respect.

“It’s always very risky to do Howard because you’re all having a great time and you’re laughing and you get 19 calls from reporters saying, ‘Is it true that you said this?'” he adds. I just think in that position, perhaps they could do something different than me. Sources say Murdoch has reported to his aides that Trump is doing a great job and that he is “very impressed” with what Trump is saying on the campaign trail.

Trump has been compared to Ronald Reagan because of their roles in entertainment before running for office. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the current leader in GOP presidential polls shares his thoughts on a range of issues, including the controversy over his comments about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Hillary Clinton’s email use at the State Department and much, much more.

“I didn’t like NAFTA, I didn’t like some of the economic policies”, said Trump to The Hollywood Reporter. I never saw it. And then he’s obviously got this stuff. “We were at war because I felt that [Kelly’s debate question about women] was unfair, and I let him know it”, Trump shared.

When asked if Cosby should be forced to return his Medal of Freedom, Trump says, “Well, I’m not sure”.

I’ve never been a fan. Automatic citizenship for children born in the United States is “part of our Constitution that I think has been a matter of consensus for generations and for good reason”, he said. He said, “Oh, I want to buy you a suit”. And then he was on [the Today show], and my name was mentioned, and he went absolutely insane.

“I’ve never been a fan”. What amazes me is he was so quiet and then you see these depositions. Was he drunk? You see he admitted all this stuff on top of everything else. “I think that’s unacceptable”.


Executive Producer Mark Burnett and other network big shots tried to talk Trump out of turning down another season of a lucrative and very, very successful reality TV show, calling him and visiting him in his office to plead for him to continue “The Apprentice“.

Donald Trump doesn't like Bill Cosby