Trump’s immigration policy draws comparisons to 2011 Alabama Immigration bill

“They all work under the table and make [loads] of money”, Renee Byrd, a farmer with Kim in Alabama, chimed in. He has crafted a highly populist message aimed at average white (and even black) Americans to focus all their frustration and fury on the Mexicans in their midst.


But there’s a special brilliance to the reconfigured racism Trump is offering to the American people.

“He’s no good“, said carpenter Miguel Chabac, 27, through a translator. Byrd also pointed out that there are numerous convenience stores in town that were bought by immigrants who do not pay taxes.

Chabac and his friends had had plenty of experience with people like that.

Trump’s campaign had moved Friday’s “pep rally” from the city’s Civic Centre, which seats about 4,000, to the 43,000-seat Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile in anticipation of the huge crowd.

Renting a house or giving a job to an undocumented immigrant became a crime. However, he added that he’d “change” his “tone” as president.

Is Donald Trump’s immigration stance racist? “It sounded as bad as it was”.

Consider this paragraph from Trump’s campaign website. The Byrds conceded that agriculture suffered after some immigrants fled the state.

“She’s always telling us, ‘Work hard for what you want, ‘ ” Karen says. We are going to get them the hell out of our country. “Our concern is that the other candidates are jumping on that bandwagon”. What Trump rejects as equivocation is in fact realism; what he derides as political correctness is in fact humane decency. Supporters of Alabama’s reforms, after years of retreat and apology, welcome the opportunity to defend themselves. As Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has shown, they tend to be assimilated into the underclass, too often indulging in the social pathologies that follow. For many, it’s a backlash to the Obama administration years. That theory took shape in the displays in some Robertsdale stores, where a sign declaring compliance with E-Verify was posted above an even larger ad from the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

For instance, those 1,954 miles cover just about every sort of terrain you can imagine-valley, mountain, desert, river, Indian reservation, private land, state property. Enforcement of our laws should come first, so any eventual amnesty of current illegals doesn’t draw yet another population of illegal immigrants. They saw, in the tycoon-candidate, someone who would not be bowed by complaints from the business community. I’m sorry, Bill. We have to bring them out and if they’re wonderful people which I’m sure they will be and we have so many wonderful people, we will bring them back in an expedited fashion.


So those 11 million undocumented immigrants who are already here won’t feel so inclined to go home to Mexico for Christmas or Mother’s Day, like they used to, and where there was always a chance that some of them would stay.

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