Trump’s ‘Tonight Show’ Visit

It didn’t take Donald Trump to compose himself and come out with a response. Jimmy Fallon called out Trump on his past statements that, if elected President, he would construct a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States to physically prevent immigrants from crossing into the US. Trump has turned the conventional wisdom of a presidential campaign so upside down that by the time his appearance with Fallon ended, it wasn’t clear whether the lack of some jaw-dropping statement from the candidate represented a plus or a minus for him.


Although after one of Trump’s signature monologues, Fallon did push back a bit. “No way he deserves to interview me“, Fallon joked while in character.

“All of these gifts from colleagues make one thing clear… the late night wars are on”, Colbert joked. In the scripted interview, Fallon imitated Trump’s most freaky idiosyncrasies right in front of his face without breaking eye contact, but Trump took it all gracefully on the pouted chin.

Kanye has been so nice to me”, Trump answered.

The camera panned to show Trump himself on the other side of the mirror.

At the most, Trump was sarcastic.

Fallon as Trump: “How are you going to create jobs?” “I think that she’s going to have a hard time”.

Jimmy Fallon’s been on a roll this week, delighting crowds at the U.S. Open with his “Single Ladies” moves, lip-sync battling with Ellen, and debuting a new History of Rap with Justin Timberlake.

“By doing it. It just happens”, Trump replied to audience howls. “Just by doing it”. He offered few details about how me might carry out policies, but said he was “an efficient guy” who had “the kind of mindset we need in this country”. “Vice president is a serious job”.

What did you think of Trump’s stint on The Tonight Show? “Are you?”

That’s exactly what “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” gave America last night as the GOP’s leading presidential candidate made his way to New York for a comedic interview. Did I ask about stadiums? “So original!” Trump responded on Twitter, setting off a back-and-forth feud on the social media platform.

The business mogul added that “they wanted me to apologize when I first announced for president because I brought up illegal immigration … but ultimately it turned out that I was right”.


Trump also clarified, sort of, a long-standing question about his personality.

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