Trump Slams Forbes Mag on His $4.5B Worth

That is hardly a figure to sneeze it, considering that the entry into Forbes latest rich list required a net worth of at least $1.7 billion.


The magazine reported his net worth at $4.5 billion while the Republican candidate claimed that it originally turns out to be $10 billion. One of the inquiries most as often as possible got a few information about the hopeful was, “What amount is Donald Trump worth?” The Forbes estimate: Dollars 327 million.

Buzzfeed reports that Trump and Forbes first sparked a clash in 1990 after the magazine downplayed his rank to 19th when he believed he should be placed higher.

Donald Trump has insisted he is “mature” enough to be President – then immediately picked a fight with Forbes over his wealth. He asks Harwood if he agrees that it is a lot (of cash).

In addition to personalities like Megyn Kelly, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, and the news company Fox News, now Trump has added Forbes Magazine to his list of disputes. Trump disagreed: “They don’t give you any value for a brand and my brand is very valuable”.

“They are wrong”, Trump said. “But if I had, I think- I mean I’m not going to go and tell you exactly what cash I have, but I have hundreds of millions of dollars of cash”.

The magazine continued with an even more damning indictment of the state of Trump’s finances, suggesting that he owed about $180 million a year in interest, but that his properties only yielded $140 million a year in cash flow. “I’m under budget and ahead of schedule, like my projects”, he said.

“I read this morning that you’re a $4.5 billion man”, host John Harwood began the interview.


Forbes says it arrived at its final number after “devoting unprecedented resources to valuing a single fortune”. I don’t look good, to be honest. In July, Bloomberg concluded the estimate was closer to $2.9 billion based on Trump’s own disclosure forms.

10 February 2011 Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2011 in Washington D.C