Trump vows to send Syrians back if elected president

Donald Trump has said he’d send home all Syrian refugees if he becomes president, the United States allows. “Kudos for Mr. Trump for being specific because up ’til now he’s basically just been insulting people and using bluster as a campaign tool but I think his plan probably isn’t gonna create the kind of economic impact that mine will”.


The Republican front-runner said during a speech in Keene, New Hampshire, that he was anxious refugees who have been fleeing Syria after years of civil war could be terrorists trying to get into the US. In the opinion of the Republican frontrunner, the ongoing refugee crisis in the Middle East could be “one of the great tactical ploys of all time“.

Trump has also said he supports Russia’s military involvement in Syria, which the us strongly opposes.

Just behind Rubio is former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Donald Trump saw his support in Wisconsin more than double in the past month, as he took the lead among rival GOP presidential hopefuls. But he did it with a twist: First, he had someone ask a bunch of people how they felt about both Clinton and Trump, and then, once the subjects had happily agreed that they’d vote for Hillary over Donald, his team laid out Trump’s new plans as if they were Clinton’s, to a few overwhelming support. The United States has recently come under fire for not accepting as many refugees as several other major nations. His own appearance attracted more than a thousand.

And the people didn’t disappoint, as five Clinton supporters ended up unknowingly endorsing her potential Republican opponent in the general election. “We are all Americans and we all have the same rights and responsibilities”.

Kudlow, a former budget deputy in the Reagan administration, said he agrees with Bush’s stated goal of 4 percent economic growth, even though his father and brother never achieved that rate during their presidencies.


On CBS’s 60 Minutes, Trump defended the proposal on that point in particular saying, “overall it’s going to be a tremendous incentive to grow the economy and we’re gonna take in the same, or more, money”.

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