Trump wins Christie endorsement, robbing Rubio of momentum

(CNN) – Shortly after endorsing Donald Trump, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Friday told some of his top fundraisers that the billionaire businessman might shift from his decision to self-fund his campaign and instead raise money in a general election.


Christie confidante Bill Palatucci said he spoke with party leaders from the 21 county Republican organizations on a conference call following the governor’s appearance with Trump in Fort Worth, Texas.

“I tell everybody who goes to a Donald Trump event, if you get to ask a question, just ask him ‘how?'” Christie said.

Christie’s endorsement came days before Super Tuesday, when more than 10 states will vote in a delegate-rich series of contests. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Their toxic rivalry hit a frenzied peak at that Fox News debate, where Rubio repeated a line about President Barack Obama three times nearly verbatim and Christie ripped into him for what he called a “memorized 25-second speech”, giving rise to many a “robot Rubio” joke.

Trump says Rubio is a “desperate guy” and said, “I don’t think he’s of presidential caliber”.

LePage said he has respect for John Kasich, but said that the OH governor has no path towards the nomination. Christie, in contrast, mostly campaigned for the support of Republican moderates before he dropped out of the race in early February.

“It’s like Romney says about Trump and taxes”.

Democrats outnumber Republicans by about 700,000 voters in New Jersey, but Doherty said he thinks Trump’s ideas on immigration, trade and the Middle East transcend typical right-versus-left politics. “I guess because I figured Governor Christie would probably not participate in a campaign at this point”, Baker said.

And Baker made it clear he won’t be jumping on the Trump bandwagon with him. The endorsement gives him an establishment endorsement and once again Trump has stolen the news cycle from his primary opponent Florida Sen.

Baker, who as a gubernatorial candidate 2014 benefited from on millions in outside funds from the Christie-led Reublican Governors Association, said he backed Christie for the work he’s done as a Republican governor in a heavily Democratic state.

Trump spent much of Friday’s news conference and rally ripping Rubio, and zeroed in on that debate night featuring Christie’s attacks.

“Every time I think the campaign can’t get any more interesting, it gets more interesting”.


“And so, I am thrilled to be here this morning”.

Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump from President