Truths and Myths about Making Money with a Website Affiliate

Affiliate marketing has been debated and talked for ages, and it seems like it is already a part of the mainstream current. There are tens of programs for any niche and industry, but there are questions that must be answered. While there are some people making money with a Website Affiliate, the majority of those websites fail. Let’s see what the main reasons for failure are, and how those can be avoided.



Anybody can make money with a Website Affiliate

This affirmation is true, but the webmaster has to choose his niche carefully. An actor that knows how to write aboutAffiliate Marketing theater and entertainment can’t promote credit cards only because it is fashionable. You need to choose something that you like. Don’t worry, as you will find affiliate programs in any niche. The most important aspect of a website is to bring added value to the readers, and this can only be obtained if you know what you write about.


All the Affiliate programs are scams

This is wrong. It is true that you will have problems with your affiliate network. Some webmasters think that they sell more than the affiliate network says, while others have problems with closed accounts for no reason, or with companies that renounce the program. If you have a Website Affiliate, you will have minor problems no matter what network you choose, but some of those services can be really reliable.

Choose your collaborators with care. Read the blogs and forums, see what problems you could encounter with one network or the other and make your decision accordingly.


You will never get the expected number of visitors

The affiliate network gives you the tools needed to succeed. You will have banners, links and emails that you can send to potential visitors. The traffic on your website does not depend on your affiliate network. They job is to give you the tools, but making a name for your website and bringing visitors is the job of the webmaster. Bottom line, if you don’t have as many visitors as you want, don’t blame the affiliate network. The best way to increase the visibility of a website is to SEO your site.10-reasons-to-make-money-online-with-affiliate-marketing


Anticipating the profits is hard

It is true. You can’t say that you will make 10 or 1000 dollars per month from a Website Affiliate. The result depends on many factors: from the aspect of the website to SEO, from the social media presence to the commissions offered by the affiliate website. Even luck is an important factor. You might start promoting personal loans just when the US banks decide to loose the conditions of approving those loans, so you might benefit of an increased attention from visitors. This is only an example, but you should consider luck as an important reason for you to fail or succeed.


It takes too much to make money


At the beginning, the webmaster needs to make a website and to bring visitors. The SEO process might last for 3-6 months, so the actual results for a website would only appear after a while. Bottom line, you will need to have patience if you expect success with your Website Affiliate.