‘TWD’ Season 6 Preview and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Prequel Spin-Off Premire

Unlike its predecessor, Fear The Walking Dead takes place in California at the start of the zombie apocalypse.


The focus is on the blended family of Madison Clark (played by Kim Dickens) and Travis Manawa (played by Cliff Curtis) her children and his son from a previous relationship.

AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead showed how Rick Grimes awoke from a coma and how his quest for survival began. What about Season 6 of the original? Surprised by the new upcoming series? These new zombies are going to ruin so many plans. Those have been our buzzwords since we first started talking about this show: “exciting” and “new”. That’s the question Fear The Walking Dead will answer in season 1 (and hopefully* in the already-announced season 2).

Having a character with problems like Nick, who is an addict, is something those involved in the show wanted to explore. We will. We never tell the story from the perspective of the CDC or the generals or the politicians. We may progress away from Los Angeles. It’s not the Hollywood. Hypable had the chance to watch the first two episodes of Fear The Walking Dead, and we liked what we saw.

While the initial reports declare it’s a virus, they will not be ignorant of what the Walkers actually are and experience will reveal that they possess the qualities to survive. We definitely will not see politicians and generals trying to coordinate and figure out what this is. We will see the effort to stop the contagion, the effort to contain it. We’ll do it consistently through our family’s filter, but, yeah, absolutely.

So, we know that Madison returns to the school during season two to get something.

Viewers “know things the heroes don’t, which I think is going to be exciting”, she says. Kirkman and fellow co-creator Dave Erickson introduce zombies through the ideal lens. “We have some real estate left”, he continued. “They deserve enormous credit for presenting the apocalypse from a different point of view”.

What’s surprised you most so far? What’s special about Fear The Walking Dead for you? And the cast and crew won’t even call it a spinoff. Those are really remarkable and talented people.

He likes to write a lot, as you can see. You’re on a journey and that’s what’s so great about serialized storytelling.


Why should people tune in on Sunday? Emotionally, I think it’s the same thing.

Cliff Curtis as Travis and Kim Dickens as Madison Cliff Curtis as Travis and Kim Dickens as Madison in'Fear the Walking Dead