Twitch App Finally Coming to Sony Systems

Unfortunately, there has been no direct way to watch Twitch streams on PlayStation consoles until these apps launch. “The Twitch community shapes everything we do through the creative new ways they use our platform, through their feedback, and through the great videos and hilarious chat messages we see every day”, Shear said in a post-address statement. Keep an eye here for when the app officially becomes available, as well as the latest news from TwitchCon. At the same time, Twitch is wrestling against the almighty YouTube, so who knows how this video game-streaming rivalry will continue throughout the rest of 2015 and into 2016.



The keynote presentation also featured several announcements related to its industry partners. Finally, it offered up some statistics, including the fact that Twitch now has 1.7 million broadcasters streaming game videos and that the service had a total of over 100 million monthly active users. One of the biggest gripes with Twitch is also a huge reason it attained rapid success – it emphasizes live content, rather than archived videos. Upon activation, the video will start streaming it to the broadcaster’s channel. New products and improvements are headed to Twitch – the PC version of the environment – while a full-fledged app for Twitch for PlayStation was announced to be almost here. With uploads, that means that users can create videos, but won’t have to livestream them first. These features are set to come to Twitch, as well as some of its partners.