Twitter introduces poll feature – but is it a) good or b) bad?

It’s available on the mobile and desktop versions of Twitter, but it won’t be available on third-party apps like Tweetdeck. The polls appear as a simple question with two different options and an expiration time. Earlier this year, Twitter announced Project Lightning, a tool that will make it easy to follow live events; the company also expanded the length of its direct messaging feature past 140 characters.


Aly Pavela, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco-based company, told Bloomberg “We’re experimenting with a new way to poll users on Twitter“.

We’re experimenting with a new way to poll users on Twitter.

For those who have access to the feature, a poll can be created by clicking on a small piechart in the right hand corner when drafting a tweet.

Whether the new feature will help Twitter boost its audience or drive people away remains to be seen.

However, given that the feature is on trial, it is to be expected that these issues would be ironed out if given a full release.

Twitter gave no further information on the topic, but a quick query on the site showed that the accessibility to embed these polls was with Twitter employees and certain verified profiles including those in media and sports, says VentureBeat.

Some, however, have posited that a proliferation of polls could become annoying.


This however, won’t be the first time you can add polls to your tweets.

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