Twitter plans to revamp its 140-character limit

Despite it being a company trademark since inception, Twitter is hoping to appease users after receiving complaints about their character limit.


Twitter, the short-shape informing administration beloved by numerous for its curtness, may not be so concise any longer: According to a report in Re/code, the organization is building another item that will permit tweets longer than 140 characters. Users can already tweet out blocks of text with products like OneShot, but those are simply images, not actual text published on Twitter. You presented on Twitter by SMS; when your companions tweeted, you saw their redesigns by content. At the time, messaging was really sort of progressive: It didn’t get enormous in the United States until 2005.

On that note, Variety reported executives are discussing how to modify the character measurement, including removal of links and user handles from the count. Given the enormous ways that communications technology has changed in that time (including the invention and evolution of Twitter itself), it makes sense that the network is re-examining the 140-character limit. It might encourage publishers to share directly to Twitter more often, but long-form publishing on other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn is typically more of a power feature. “Twitter will be just like everybody else”.

Jack Dorsey has been supportive of the calls to evolve a few of Twitter’s long stance.

“I don’t like how Twitter is people talking about themselves and their lives twenty-four-seven”, said Bonnie Given, 25, a graduate student in Pacific Grove.

Alternatively, it could also be a product which is separate from the Twitter app like the Periscope. The company might mix things up, but it is positive on the idea that tweaking its character limit would certainly help a lot for their improvement.


Twitter’s improvisation has been much awaited by the investors.

Twitter 140 word count limit