Twitter tantrum: Iran’s supreme leader says Israel has 25 years to exist

“Say Iran violates the agreement“, Toomey postulated.


It is unlikely to change the American political picture.

But like most others here, he is resolute in his opinion.

At times, the anger toward Obama in Israel is palpable. I think we may conclude that when the Israel lobbies support positions susceptible of bipartisan support, they can have fair success. “Overall, it’s not a good deal“.

The greatest risks of the nuclear accord are that Iran will seek a bomb in spite of the constraints it accepted and that it will escalate its attempt to establish hegemony over the Middle East by force.

The statement also said the pair would discuss regional security issues, including the situation in Gaza and the West Bank, and “the need for the genuine advancement of a two-state solution”.

“Without the text, it’s very hard for me to say what we would do”. “It’s true. He’s right“. Netanyahu instead addressed a joint meeting of Congress.

It follows a period of noticeably cool relations between the American and Israeli leaders.

“His word is heard the same from here as it is from there”. The irony is that protected and indulged by the United States, Israel has developed into a modern high-tech country, an expert in cyber security and a major exporter of military hardware to the world, including India.

Will there be a historic vote on the Iranian deal this week?

The Israeli government, however, doesn’t think Netanyahu’s conduct will negatively impact its partnership.

According to Salami, Iran possesses “a unique ballistic missile that, perhaps, only Russia and the U.S. have, and it is almost impossible to counter this missile”. “But the daily cooperation is continuing as always”.

Toomey further criticized the deal’s allowance of Iran to maintain its enrichment program; and although it purportedly will be used to produce energy, “the technology to go to weapons grade enrichment is a small step”. There’s a lot of in-betweens which we’re not familiar with. Israeli-American talks about the aftermath of the nuclear agreement continued last week when the Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Director General Jeremy Isaacharoff arrived in Washington to discuss Iran as well as security collaboration between Israel and the U.S. Understand this, our world will not be safer with this deal.


The British parliament will not debate a petition that called for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, despite it receiving almost 112,000 signatures. “So I wouldn’t fight it”. “That was never going to make him popular in Israel”, he said.

US President Obama listens as Israeli PM Netanyahu delivers a statement in Washington