UK minister: Illogical to attack IS in Iraq but not Syria

Senior ISIS leader Tariq al-Harzi – a man known as the “emir of suicide bombers” – was killed by a coalition airstrike in Syria last month, a United States official said Thursday.


The prime minister, who was badly burned when Labour helped to thwart his plans to join the USA in launching air strikes against Bashar al-Assad in 2013, has made clear to ministers that it would be pointless to call a vote without Labour support.

Shadow defence secretary Vernon Coaker said ministers needed to demonstrate that any further United Kingdom intervention had the support of other countries in the region as well as a proper legal basis.

But Mr Fallon said: “ISIS is organised and directed and administered from Syria and there’s an illogicality about not being able to do it there”.

Cameron himself believed there was a legal case to take such action, she said, adding that Britain was already flying drones and planes over Syria to gather intelligence that could be used in any future strikes. The action will require thorough and careful study she added.

“Our position remains that we would return to this House for approval before air strikes in Syria”, he said.

“This is of course though a new Parliament and it is for all members to consider carefully how best to tackle Isil – an evil cailphate that does not respect state boundaries”, he said.

BBC said that the Conservative government wouldn’t risk losing another vote Syria unless they are assured of the support of the Labour Party.

“These two things are incompatible”.

“If that same terrorist goes to Iraq we then try to hunt them down and kill them and blow up the building they are living in”, he said.

Mr Cameron discussed the IS threat with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, at Number 10.

Labour has signalled that it is prepared to support RAF air strikes on Islamic State in Syria provided that ministers set out an effective case for military action.

A Downing Street spokesman said: ” Both leaders agreed that Isil, and the threat it poses, must be defeated.


In a related matter, Vice President Joe Biden spoke with Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Thursday to talk about the ongoing efforts to defeat Islamic State militants.

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